Description Minimum Spread Margin Requirement (1 lot)
OIL Rollover US Oil Futures 0.06(6 pip) US$ 800.00
DOW30 Rollover Dow Jones Futures 8.0(8 pip) US$ 2,500.00
NASDAQ100 Rollover Nasdaq Futures 4.00(4 pip) US$ 2,000.00
SP500 Rollover SP500 Futures 1.00(1 pip) US$ 2,500.00

Trade Spot Energies & US Indexes with MarcoFX

Begin trading spot energies and US indexes with MarcoFX to diversify your portfolio and manage your exposure to various financial markets. Spot WTI and 3 spot US Indexes are available for traded.

For short-term trading, spot energies are a popular choice, and as energy consumption increases across the globe, values increase too. At MarcoFX we provide a free demo account so you can practice trading spot energies before trading with a real account. Our MT4 platform can all be used to trade spot energies, with the main benefit of spot prices being that they are the most up to date ones.

If you’re interested in expanding your trading portfolio with spot energies and spot US indexes, then contact MarcoFX today.

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At MarcoFX, we always had this statement and we're keeping our promise. Beside a powerful yet easy to use MT4 trading system, MarcoFX packed inside lots of sweet trading features that wait to be discovered.